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New Book Release - Detained in England 1914-1920: Eastcote POW Camp, Pattishall



Welcome to Lochin Publishing’s Home Page


By clicking on the links at the top of this page and on the Books pages of this website you can find details on, and how to easily order, our books relating to Genealogy, Local History, Family History and Social History.


You can also find some biographical notes on our principal author, Dr Colin R Chapman. There is information on the lectures that he gives around the world on Genealogy, Heraldry and Family and Social History. You may like to hear and see him present a lecture to an audience with whom you are connected; his contact details are on that page.


The Chapman County Code, the system of three-letter code elements for British Isles counties, derived for the benefit of historians, demographers and geographers, may also be found on this website. Dr Chapman's original explanation of the derivation and application of his code is reproduced in the same section. 


In another section of this website is a wide range of secondhand books for sale, produced by other publishers. Some are in nearly new condition and recently published, others have been out of print for many years; their condition is described in that section.


We hope that you enjoy browsing through the various pages of this website. If you have any queries on the books that catch your eye, please contact us in writing (postal address below) or e-mail us at orders@lochin.fsnet.co.uk. If you wish to contact Dr Chapman direct on his availability to lecture, please do so by post, telephone or through the link on the Author page of this website.



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